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Do you need help in designing an eye-catchy website? Check out Take It, an app that will help you attract more customers!

In today’s product review, i’m taking a look at Take-IT. The software allows you to clone any page and steal viral traffic from authority sites. Use this software to CLONE stunning hi-traffic websites in ANY niche … to re-purpose for YOUR offers FLIP a switch for effortless,1-click monetization with stunning pop-ups and redirects.



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Take It: Make the Internet Your Oyster

Marketers often struggle to make a site that appeals to the viewers without investing hundreds and thousands of dollars on the design. This course of action has become a necessity today due to the vast number of inviting websites today. The internet is saturated with pages with innumerable followers and consumers and it is difficult to stand out in such a market without having “and edge.” Marketers often resort to advertisements to boost their brand or business but often end up losing their following and profits instead.

Brendan Mace, a common face in the online marketing industry, launched a new app named Take It. This product is expected to live up to the reputation some of his other launches built. If you are struggling to create or your site or are finding it difficult to redirect traffic to your existing one, Take It may be the game changer you are looking for. The app is not the only budget-friendly but also makes the end-product look professionally done. And if you are an expert in copying and pasting, this is undoubtedly your saving grace. Here are some of the things that stand out!

Strong Support 

You do not need to have any sort of experience to run this product as the support system that comes along with it allows any newbie to operate it like a pro. The app is extremely user-friendly and there is a set of videos and instructions that allow you to navigate this program with ease. You can also email the creator of this app himself if you have any further confusion or recommendations!

Tick Tock

Take It comes with a countdown timer with any offer. It might seem like a pretty benign feature but this pushes your viewers to make a decision instantaneously. This drives traffic and brings a string of visitors along with it.


You will have no trouble disseminating information with this app as this feature allows you to work from any place at any time.

Ask the Audience

This feature requests everyone one of your visitors for a social share to unlock the content hidden inside. This step is ignored by many but it can bring more traffic than you think! It also helps increase subscriptions.

Double Power 

Your viewers can sign up with their email addresses or through Facebook. Regardless of the choice, the other is added to your list. Using the Facebook option brings a bonus of being added to their messenger list. You can easily notify them of your messages!

With Take It, you can tap into ingenious technology from the top websites without investing too much into it. You are getting less for more. So go make a purchase now!


Here is a Demo of TAKE-IT 


Here are the Upsells that come with TAKE-IT


Front-End: TAKE-IT ($19.97)

  • Access the powerful Take It software and training modules.


  • The software includes “Done For You” recurring campaigns.


  • $1k System WEBINAR connected to your ‘Take it’ pages.


  • Get 40 ‘Effects’ to massively increase conversions for your campaigns.


  • Unlimited Traffic

OTO 5: TAKE-IT – Licence Rights ($97)

  • To sell “TAKE IT” as your own product.


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