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In todays product review, i’m taking a look at Brendan Mace’s new product called Smash My Campaigns. If you want to watch my video review instead of reading you can do so by clicking play on the video below, if you prefer to read..keep scrolling!

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In short, you’re going to get access to 15 campaigns that Brendan has used in the past to get fantastic results from.

Brendan is the #1 vendor on the entire WarriorPlus network, so to be able to get access to campaigns he has used in the past (you even get to use the same bonuses that he offered, many of those bonuses are literally valued at hundreds of dollars if you were to purchase them separately.

What Does The Members Area Look Like?

I have it, so let me show you!

The first video is a quick video from Brendan where he explains that there’s going to be live call happening soon (however, it’s quite likely you’ve missed it at this point).

The second video shows you how much money Brendan has made from some of the campaigns he’s giving you, and..it’s quite impressive.

After that, you get to see how he structures his affiliate promos, and then finally you get access to the campaigns themselves, including all of the bonuses that Brendan offered + the actual review video, meaning all you have to do is send traffic to one of these campaigns, and you’ll be the one making money (assuming somone buys, of course)

“But Emmanuel, won’t Brendan get the commissions if i’m using his pages?”

-No, because you’ll replace his affiliate link with your own 🙂

That’s pretty much it for the front end product, so let’s take a look at the upsells:

OTO 1: Traffic Training ($47)

How to get traffic to the done for you campaigns.


OTO 2: Lifetime Campaigns ($197)

Get monthly campaigns from Brendan and Jono for as long as they do internet marketing (most likely several more years)
This is a one time payment with no recurring fees whatsoever.


Downsell: $4.95 – 14 Day Trial Rebills at $37/Month

Test this out for two weeks first, then become a monthly member if you want.


OTO 3: The Ultimate Traffic Package ($197)

Over 7 hours of advanced traffic trainings – youtube, facebook and google ads and……We are going to allow 100 people siphon the traffic directly from our sales pages. (AKA Limitless Traffic)


OTO 4: Easiest System Ever ($157)

Everything all set up and good to go for easy profits. 


 OTO 5: License Rights ($167)

100% Commissions on the entire funnel.

Bonuses if you buy from my link:

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Thanks for reading or watching my Smash My Campaigns review, I hope you liked it.

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