About Me

My name is Emmanuel Bazile.  I have been doing Internet/Affiliate/Email Marketing for the since 2008 when I was selling technology courses online. After a couple of years of doing that I took a hiatus so that I could finish my PhD program. I got back into Email Marketing in 2012. 

Over the years I have purchased a lot of courses and joined many programs that did not live up to the expectations. However, have learned quite a bit during this decade of trial and error. One thing I can say is that giving up should never be an option.I have picked up bits and pieces and put them together to understand the complete system for making money online. 

In the process of doing so, I have also come to understand why people struggle to earn an income using Internet/Affiliate/Email Marketing.

You see… All the information is actually out there; however, everyone is left with having to first understand it, and then collectively put it all together to make it work. As a result, most people end up giving up; while others think it is all a scam. They call it a scam because they have not been able to synthesize all the information that is out there correctly to make it work.

The other thing that I have learned is that even when you buy, for example, a $2000 course, you still have to do some work on your own to piece a lot of it together, even though you will be revealed a great deal in the course content.

I have a PhD in information Systems. I still struggled initially to bring everything together. It certainly does not require a PhD to earn money online… as we know many successful online marketers do have college degrees at all. The point is that regardless of one’s background, we all struggle to put all the pieces together.

It’s easy to suffer from information overload and remain in learning mode. The reason is quite simple. As you learn different methods, you will always have the feeling that something is missing. I experienced that for over a year. However, the way to get out of that is to simply take action and do something. Take one of the courses or programs you have purchased and put it into action. Look at your results and analyze the reason why you did not get the same results that is being claimed by the course or program.

By doing so, you will start to discover the gaps, and as you fill the gaps, you will start to see success. You can think of it like a Jigsaw Puzzle. It really isn’t that much different. You must learn from the failures, not repeat them, and take corrective actions. The key is to take action!

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